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羽の音を聴くlisten to the sound of feathers

古い瓶、ワインコルク、羽/old bottles, wine corks and feathers

羽の音を聴くlisten to the sound of feathers
©️Rie Matsubara

蓋付き古いガラスの容器を古道具屋で見つけました。当初、蓋は錆びて開けられなかったので、容器の中の空気は、いつからここに居たのだろう?など容器の中の空気に色々聞いてみたくて、羽をぶら下げて羽の揺れで答えてもらおうと思い制作しました。聞いている人はシャンパンのコルクで出来ています。 I found an old glass container with a lid at a thrift store. At first, the lid was rusted and could not be opened, so how long had the air inside the container been here? I wanted to ask various questions about the air inside the container, so I made this product with the idea of hanging a wing and having it respond to the movement of the wing. Listeners are made out of champagne corks.

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