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「zen words」​ギャラリーnoir/NOKTA    伊豆長岡、静岡





"zen words" Gallery noir/NOKTA Izunagaoka, Shizuoka


About 15 years ago, I published a picture book called "Kyo no Zengo". Recently, when I read the book again, I was surprised to find that my interpretation of Zen words had changed. Zen language taught me many things when I was young, but it has given me new realizations now. I thought it would be great if I could express the world of Zen, which has such a mysterious charm, in a fun and beautiful way by adding not only paintings but also objects (three-dimensional works).

Zen language and the tea ceremony are closely related.

We held a mini tea ceremony in collaboration with Zen language and art in a tea room set up by gallery noir for this exhibition.

©rie matsubara
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